“Solitary” by Travis Thrasher

26 Dec

After his mom and dad are divorced, Chris Buckley moves with his mom to Solitary, North Carolina. He had lived in Chicago before, living in Solitary is very different for him. He goes from having a great life, to being the new kid in school. Making friends there isn’t easy, but then he meets three girls. Poe, Rachel, and Jocelyn. Jocelyn is beautiful and mysterious, she leaves Chris speechless. He really likes her, but the closer he tries to get to her the more weird things happen to him. With her he learns much about Solitary, how there is a lot of missing people, unexplained deaths, and scary dreams. When he learns about all the dangers there is, his goal is to keep Jocelyn safe from harm.

This book was really good, it was interesting since the first page. The story was a little creepy but cool. I personally liked it, but if you like happy endings, then I don’t recommend this book. Other than that its a great book!


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