“Save The Date” by Jenny B. Jones

18 Jan

Lucy’s goal is to keep her nonprofit organization going. Alex’s goal is to win the election. Lucy needs funding to keep the organization running, Alex needs votes to win, but they can’t do it by themselves they need each others help. Alex will give Lucy the funding she needs if she poses as his fiancée. Lucy is caring, smart and funny, to her Alex is arrogant, selfish and bossy. Can their fake engagement work out?
“Save The Date” by Jenny B. Jones was a pretty good book. When I was reading this book I felt like I had already read this story somewhere else, but the book was still exceptional, I really liked the fact that the reader could see both Lucy and Alex’s point of view. It made the story somewhat more predictable but I liked how they both told the story. I would definitely recommend this book, it was a quick fun and easy read. I hadn’t read a book by Jenny Jones before but this book was a good one to start with. She kept me entertained with this witty and funny story.
I didn’t think the cover matched the book really, and wasn’t interested at first because of the cover but like the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover! 5 stars for sure!


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