“Incarceron”..Incredible book!

10 Feb

“Incarceron” by Catherine Fisher

I bought this book about a month ago at borders. I had bought a few books that day and I didn’t know how good this one would be so I left it last. Wow I really had no idea I was leaving the best for last. This book has been so amazing its left me speechless and wanting for so much more. This book I rate 10 stars out of 5. It has so many surprises and wow the ending was just , shocking, breathtakingly awesome. Fisher’s mixture of the old times and yet the new , wow one of the best books I’ve EVER read, and I have definitely read a wide variety of books.

Finn has flashes of memories, he sees things and he doesn’t find it possible. He is trapped in a world that is just living hell. A prison called Incarceron. But these flashes , could they mean something? When he crosses paths with a women that recognizes the birthmark on his wrist he’ll do anything to find out more. He comes across a key through which he can talk to a girl named Claudia. She is from the outside. Can she help him escape ? Incarceron has a mind of its own…will he make it to the outside?


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