“Dragons of the Valley” by Donita K. Paul

4 Mar

Do you like fantasy books? I really love them because it makes me feel like I’m not really here, as if I’ve entered another world…When I saw this book I was happy to see christian fantasy, also the fact that Donita had written it. I had just read “Two Tickets To The Christmas Ball” by Donita and I loved it so much I wanted to read more of her work. Unfortunately I didn’t find out until I was already half way through this book that it was the second in a series, that explained why I had been so confused! Overall I really did like this book, but don’t make the same mistake as me, you won’t get to enjoy and really appreciate the book unless you read the first one, “The Vanishing Sculptor”. Other than that the book was pretty great, a bit slow but and boring in some parts but the ending made up for it.

When another country invades the peaceful land of Chiril, Tipper and her friend Bealomodore must take care of three very important statues, without them the world is disheveled. With the war going on can Bealomodore and Tipper really help? 

Thanks Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book to review. All opinions expressed are mine entirely.


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