“Deadlock”…MUST read!!!

9 Mar

 “DEADLOCK”  by Iris Johansen

I didn’t know what to expect of this book, once I started reading it I realized how awesome it would be. It all starts with a hammer. A hammer that is nowhere to be found, but it is said that this hammer once found, will lead to an enormous treasure. Emily works for the government, collecting valuable items from museums, when she is sent to a museum in Afghanistan she and her team get captured by an evil man named Staunton, he wants the hammer. The hammer was supposed to be there but she doesn’t even know about the hammer, yet Staunton will scar her life forever. Garret, retired CIA agent goes after and saves Emily, but then Staunton comes after them both. Will they make it out alive? Or will Staunton kill them all ? And what about the hammer?

Wow when I finished this book I was really impressed. The book was just amazing! I was just so into the book there were parts were I almost bit off my nails! I definitely recommend this book, it was incredible, had an original plot, and was so well written! Wow! Must read!


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