“The Charlatan’s Boy” by Jonathan Rogers

19 Mar

“The Charlatan’s Boy” by Jonathan Rogers

“Laaadies and geeentermen! Perfesser Floyd presents: the Wild Man of the Feechienfen Swamp!” Grady has always been with Floyd for as far as he can remember, going from village to village, performing different acts. He remembers when business was good and he would perform as “the Wild Man of th Feechienfen Swamp”, but no one believes in feechies anymore. Floyd and Grady come up with a plan to create their own Great Feechie Scare, so people will pay once more again, to see their act. After so many schemes Grady doesn’t even know who he is anymore, so many questions like, where did he come from? Where did Floyd get him?  He wants to find himself, but has no one to tell him except Floyd, and he isn’t honest, so where can he find answers?

I completely LOVED this book! It was so different from other books I’ve read, very original story. Even the cover is different, just so colorful! This is definitely a must read book, I was hooked since the first chapter. It’s hilarious but sad at the same time, made me feel happy and grateful for having a loving family. Definitely recommend this book to all book lovers.

Thanks Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book to review. All opinions expressed are mine entirely.


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