“Across The Universe” by Beth Revis

9 Sep

“Across the Universe” by Beth Revis

How would you feel if you knew you were going to be frozen for the next 300 years and then sent to another planet?  Amy and her parents along with 97 other people are frozen and then launched in the spaceship Godspeed. The people believe that the next time they wake they will have arrived to their destination: a new planet. Unfortunately that is not what happens, when Amy wakes there is no new planet, her parents are still frozen and she along with the inhabitants of the spaceship are trapped there until landing. Not only that but there is a new leader who rules in a kind of dictatorship, things don’t go as planned and the spaceship gets delayed…but there is another leader in training and he might be the only hope Godspeed  has left.

I was very excited to read this book because of the incredibly innovative plot,  and it really did turn out good but… I was bit disappointed. Although the story had many twists, some predicatable…others not nearly as much, it was actually depressing and gloomy but also captivating; books don’t have to be cheerful or have a fairy tale ending to be enjoyable and interesting. This is one of those books that even though it makes you sad you just can’t stop reading because it’s so out of the ordinary. Overall if you don’t mind reading something gloomy then I do recommend, I would rate this 4 stars but because of the abrupt ending I give it 3…oh and even though the cover may give the impression that this is a romance book, well it’s not.


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