“Freedom’s Stand” by J.M.Windle

17 Sep

“Freedom’s Stand” by J.M. Windle

Relief worker Amy Mallory returns to Kabul, Afghanistan after vacationing in Miami. When she arrives at the foundation expecting everything to be as she had left it she is Shocked to find so many changes made, and without her approval. She finds that her New Hope organization, a refugee for women and children, has been turned into a workplace.

Jamil is happy to be free and to be able to teach of the ways and love of Jesus Christ. But spreading the message proves harder than he thought it would be, and when a video of him talking freely of a different religion than is followed in Afghanistan is uploaded for the world to see, he finds himself in a very difficult and dangerous situation.

Steve Wilson is hired again to work for Condor Security in Kabul. He is a simple person who just wants to get the job done, but is in search of a purpose in life, he is certain he won’t find that in Afghanistan.

Each one of them is in search for their own freedom, but just what they will endure to obtain that proves to be more than they expected.

When I first received this book I was not sure if I would like it or not.  When I began the story I was very confused, but as I delved into it I was completely captivated. I realized that this was actually the sequel to “Veiled Freedom”; I still kept reading and was amazed by the content.  This is truly a marvelous story, it really made me value everything that I have and strengthened my faith in God. I absolutely loved that it even had quotes and stories from the bible; it’s been one of the only books (that I have read) that actually enlightens its readers. It really got to me, and when I finished I was speechless. I do recommend this(it was absolutely excellent) and rate it 5 stars.

Many Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a copy of this book to review. All opinions expressed are mine entirely.

To buy this book you can go Here


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