“Love on the Line” by Deeanne Gist

5 Nov

 “Love on the Line” by Deeane Gist

Texas Ranger, Lucious Landrum is assigned to find and capture bandit Frank Comer and his gang of train robbers. After many failed attempts, Lucious is sent undercover as a trouble-man to Brenham, Texas where Comer is rumored to reside. There he meets the young unmarried switchboard operator, Miss Georgie Gail; she is a bit tempestuous but determined and passionate about her beliefs and as time progresses Luke realizes he cares for her more than he should. He hadn’t believed he would make any progress or gain anything by going undercover but is proven wrong when he acquires information he wouldn’t have as a Ranger. Then Georgie is put in a dangerous situation and Luke must do his job and protect her from her harm.

I very much enjoyed reading Love on the Line; I didn’t know how the first telephones worked, and it was interesting to find out. The plot was great and there were a few twists that enhanced the story; they weren’t a total shock because they were foreshadowed throughout the story but everything fit nicely. What I really liked about the story was that everything flowed and was actually believable; nothing was rushed and there was much vivid detail, I enjoyed that. I rate  4.5 stars.

Thanks Bethany House for providing me with a free copy of this book for me to review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

To read an excerpt and/or purchase, click Here


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